The property packages for sale include the tenement, the data and the targeting ideas. You benefit from my extensive experience. Commodities include lithium, tin, gold, rare earths, iron, graphite….and more to come. The deals I do are flexible and realistic.

I have assembled several rare earth projects, which have been selected to be very competitive with other known deposits and exploration projects in Australia. They do not include hard-rock monazite rich deposits which are way too expensive to mine and extract. They do include unusual styles of mineralization with varied prospectivity, likely to be cheap to explore, and cheap to mine. Much of this prospectivity I would not disclose on this website; but can be disclosed to genuinely interested parties.

In my current semi-retirement mode I have done a lot of brilliant paintings, all framed by me at the Subiaco Men’s Shed; all now cluttering my office and looking for homes.
Watch this space as I add photos…. as soon as I figure out how.
Prices will be bargains. The proportion a gallery would impose in commission I will donate to the Salvos.

NEW! Exciting untested pegmatite areas in Western Australia. No detail will be posted here. Email me for information. Prefer to deal with existing WA companies or those familiar with WA exploration regulations.

More Rocks In Our Heads by Andrew Drummond

Connor Court Publishing Pty Ltd, 2022, 430pp, ISBN 9281922449

I was a contributor to the first volume compiled by Andrew Drummond: ‘Rocks In Our Heads’ (Connor Court Publishing, 2020), so feel I have some qualification to comment on the second one. The books tell the experiences (often hardly believable but all true!) of the many geologists who have worked in exotic and often dangerous places.

Available for sale on flexible terms. Cheap entry at this early phase of exploration.

Ionic Adsorption clay deposits, with a very unusual setting: Eocene sediments within a Permian paleochannel along the Terrane boundary between the Archean Yilgarn Block and the Proterozoic Albany Fraser Province. And other styles!

A carefully researched project to avoid the nasty typical Esperance district REE deposits. They are not ion absorption clays. They have poor REE recoveries.
Also prospective for Li, Au, base metals, HPA, silica sand.

I welcome enquiries from buyers who are interested in vacant prospective ground.


Lithium Project for sale in Greenbushes vicinity.


Unexplored Li and Ta geochemical anomalies of similar tenor to those at Greenbushes.


New Year Sale. Going out at cost. Please enquire
Gold in Archean granulite and gneiss in the grossly underexplored Southwest Terrane.

Gold anomalies in 5km x 5km zone.

Gold and ion adsorption clay REE in a new province! Gold anomalies along 30km of Ida Fault; four main targets, drilling done in only two; best 0.5m @ 3.9g/t. High tenor heavy and light REE in soils, but no REE analyses done in previous drilling.
Adjacent tenements held by OD6, a new IPO listing, based on the extensive REE prospectivity.


Part of 2023 new year sale at cost. Please enquire.
New Gold discovery south of Boddington Gold deposit.


South of Greenbushes Western Australia.
Prospective for:
Archaean VMS style Pb-Zn-Ag and Au /Broken Hill type deposits.
Shear-zone hosted Gold.
Lithium-Tin-Tantalum in mega-pegmatites of Greenbushes type.


Gold AND Rare Earths! For Sale. Albany Fraser Orogen. Two adjoining EL applications prospective for gold of Tropicana type, and ionic clay REE of Splinter/Salazar style. Extensive gold-in-soil anomalies, around twice background; nearby extensive ionic clays reaching very high grades of 0.1% TREE. Not yet drilled.


Paterson Proterozoic Orogen, Western Australia. Exploration Licence, 240 sq km, granted 2020, 50km from Havieron and 80km from Newcrest’s major Telfer gold mine, of 32M ounces. Adjacent to tenements held by the main players Rio Tinto and by Antipa Resources.


A neglected underexplored highly prospective part of the Lennard Shelf, surrounded by major MVT deposits.
Highly anomalous stream sediment soil geochem.
Focussed target areas, which are mostly undrilled.


Bargain price. Selling for a fraction of the A$1.4M spent.
Undeveloped skarn deposit, one of the world’s largest.
24.6Mt at 16%CaF2, 0.1%WO3, 0.1%Sn and 17.2% Fe, JORC inferred. Plus a separate gold-zinc skarn.
Exploration potential to increase resources and for higher tenor scheelite zones.


Tin, Lithium, Eastern Tasmania. Many known tin mineralised greisen bodies, with lithia micas. Two large drill ready targets, one analogous to Cinovec, the other potentially larger than Royal George and with a very large tin soil anomaly. A past producing tin field, underexplored for tin.

Defined tin deposits, accessory gold and sapphires, in open pittable paleochannels, with JORC Resources. Several historically mined deposits. Vast database.