MOINA Fluorite Tungsten Tin Gold Zinc

Fluorite Gold Tin Tungsten Zinc

Bargain price. Selling for a fraction of the A$1.4M spent.
Undeveloped skarn deposit, one of the world’s largest.
24.6Mt at 16%CaF2, 0.1%WO3, 0.1%Sn and 17.2% Fe, JORC inferred. Plus a separate gold-zinc skarn.
Exploration potential to increase resources and for higher tenor scheelite zones.

The distinctive skarn, known as wrigglite because of its fine wriggly layering, consists primarily of fluorite, magnetite, and vesuvianite.

Lies above and adjacent to a partly mined but underexplored quartz-cassiterite-wolframite vein system.

Part of the system includes an altered skarn carrying zinc and gold.

Extensive metallurgical work done on recovery of fluorite, scheelite, and magnetite with traditional methods. A flowsheet has been developed, but the fine grained skarn requires further research and optimisation.

There are untested targets for higher grade tungsten in sheeted vein systems, and for additional skarn resources.

Demand for fluorite is forecast to increase because China is now a net importer. There is a global market value of approximately US$2 billion and an annual demand of 6Mt per annum.

An Information Memorandum is available on request.

Exploration Licence

Retention Licence held 100% by Geotech International Pty Ltd


Devonian mineralisation, replacement of Ordovician Limestone, source granite intersected at depth but not exposed.


Northern Tasmania