Lead Zinc

A neglected underexplored highly prospective part of the Lennard Shelf, surrounded by major MVT deposits.
Highly anomalous stream sediment soil geochem.
Focussed target areas, which are mostly undrilled.

  • Wedged between the major mined deposits of Pillara, Goongewa, and Cadjebut.
  • Several very highly zinc anomalous stream sediment clusters, the largest (3km x 1km) being at Prices Hill.
  • At Prices Hill previously tested with only a few holes, quite insufficient given the size of the anomaly.
  • All other stream sediment zinc anomalies appear to have been unexplored and are undrilled.
  • Zn anomalous zones in the north of the licence are dolomitised indicating structural and chemical preparation for later mineralisation.
  • Some target zones are already defined with close spaced geochem sampling, so after minimal field mapping and sampling, will be effectively drill-ready.