Gold and ion adsorption clay REE in a new province! Gold anomalies along 30km of Ida Fault; four main targets, drilling done in only two; best 0.5m @ 3.9g/t. High tenor heavy and light REE in soils, but no REE analyses done in previous drilling.
Adjacent tenements held by OD6, a new IPO listing, based on the extensive REE prospectivity.

Rare Earths (REE), Ion Adsorption clay type, in a new geological setting: a NEW PROVINCE.

Gold along major Archean crustal boundary (Ida Fault).

Gold anomalous zones totalling about 30km strike, of which only 5km has been partially tested with initial drilling.

One hole records 0.5m @ 3.9g/t, open ended.

Many gold deposits occur to the north on the same major fault structure.

Exploration Licence

Exploration Licence application (10 May 2021), E63/2097, 49 blocks, 140.5 sq km.

On Private Properties with Native Title Extinguished. Extensive road network for access. Close to port of Esperance.

Adjacent tenements held by OD6, a new IPO listing, based on the extensive REE prospectivity.


No outcrop in most of anomalous zone; this would have inhibited successful traditional prospecting. Yilgarn Block Archean greenstones, deformed and metamorphosed in the Proterozoic Albany Fraser Orogen.

Anomalous zones identified from previous extensive soil sampling, as shown.

Four main GOLD targets generated from soil sampling:-

Lady Penrhyn: Previous IP survey and drilling; an open ended pyritic gneiss returned 0.5m@3.9g/t, or 2.1m @ 1.22g/t in one hole. More drilling is certainly warranted.

Glen Hartley: A number of drill holes encountered anomalous gold, but there is complicated geochemistry in swamp conditions and in subsurface paleochannels; the source mineralisation is probably yet to be drilled.

Dalyup Rd: Soil anomaly with currently defined 3km strike, but there is another unsampled 12km along the fault, potentially mineralised. Not yet fully defined with soil sampling. Not yet drilled.

Griffiths Rd: anomalies in dilational structural position south of granitoid batholith. Not yet fully defined. Not yet drilled.

REE. Extraordinarily high REE in surface soil; both light and heavy REE are anomalous, but best tenor probably to be found subsurface in Eocene Paleochannels.


40km NW of Esperance