Lithium Project for sale in Greenbushes vicinity.

  • Highly prospective for lithium, tantalum and tin in pegmatites of Greenbushes type.
  • Surrounded by known pegmatites in exposed bedrock areas.
  • Greenbushes pegmatites, only 15km to the north-east, are the largest and highest grade hard rock lithium deposits in the world.
  • Easy non-ground-disturbing laterite sampling, proven by CSIRO at Greenbushes, can be used as primary exploration tool.
  • Superlative infrastructure.

Exploration Licence

E70/4829 “Whinston Hills” applied for 7 March 2016.

Size:- 44 blocks, 125 sq km.

Commitment upon grant:- $44 000.00 per annum.

Located about 12km west of Bridgetown in the SW of Western Australia.

Most is on State Forest, (not old growth forest, not a reserve!); minor incursions of blocks applied for onto National Park in the east of the Licence- these will be excluded from grant.

Geological Map Sheets: Collie and Pemberton 1:250,000


  • In the ~3000Ma Balingup Metamorphic Belt, in the SW corner of the Archean Yilgarn Block. Basement rocks include amphibolite facies orthogneisses, paragniesses, meta-basic and metasedimentary rocks.
  • A northerly trending shear zone, interpreted from magnetics, crosses the tenement. This is important because large pegmatites like Greenbushes are in or close to shear zones.
  • Many mapped pegmatites occur to north, south and east, but have been found only where laterite is eroded exposing basement rocks.
  • Most of the tenement is covered with laterite- which degrades and covers pegmatites- so this would have prevented discoveries by previous prospectors. Most of the area has not previously been subjected to modern mineral exploration. Thus major deposits may remain undiscovered.
  • Some areas have been laterite sampled, mostly outside the tenement, by Pancontinental and Geotech International, generating significant Ta, Sn and Li anomalies, but no follow up exploration of them is recorded. Plots of Sn and Ta anomalism are shown below.
  • Future exploration can be easy and fast non-ground-disturbing hand sampling of laterite. This has been proven very effective by CSIRO to locate mineralisation at Greenbushes.
  • Infrastructure is superb. Network of main, regional roads and forestry tracks for access. Water, power, skilled work force close-by. Port of Bunbury about 120km away.

The world class Greenbushes pegmatites occur about 15km to the NE in the same metamorphic belt. Other known minor pegmatites are scattered in the region


Located about 12km west of Bridgetown in the SW of Western Australia.