Large potentially mineralised area.
Near surface, weathered clayey rocks.
Established metallurgical process routes:
REE extraction of ionic clays well established world-wide.
Cheap to explore (near surface, quick cheap drilling, flat scrubby terrain for easy access)
Cheap to acquire at this early stage.
Likely cheap CAPEX and OPEX for this style of mineralisation.

Target: Ionic Adsorption clay deposits in saprolite, clay, and laterite. REE derived from weathering of apatite-bearing granophyre in/above flat lying Proterozoic dolerite dykes.


No other reported REE projects in this geological setting in Western Australia.


No on ground sampling yet undertaken. Flat lying dykes are mapped by GSWA at 100K scale, and are readily visible on airphotographs and Google Earth imagery. Prospectivity is emphasized by REE anomalism in historical stream sediment sampling (La, Yb) and in regional laterite sampling. No previous exploration reported in the tenement.


An excellent opportunity for cheap entry at this early phase of exploration.

Exploration Licence

Exploration Licence Application E59/2713, held by P Askins, applied for 3 May 2022, 8 blocks; 24 sq km. Total expenditure commitment upon grant $20 0000 pa.

On Pastoral Lease.


Archean Yilgarn Craton granitoids invaded by Proterozoic dolerite dykes which are here flat lying, with upper altered granophyric phases*, probably carrying apatite which unlike monazite is easily weathered.

*To be confirmed but probable because of REE anomalism.


27km from Yalgoo Township, Murchison region, WA.